There's something undeniably magical about Christmas. It's that special time of year when people from all corners of the globe come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and bask in the joy that surrounds it. As we get closer to this enchanting season, my heart overflows with gratitude for the chance to work with such incredible friends, musicians, and colleagues. Together, we've crafted Christmas songs that truly capture the spirit of the season.

Our collaboration has given birth to some stunning tracks, like "Gilda Sagrado" from Bali and "Denny Kirnadi" from Jogjakarta, each one radiating the joy and wonder of Christmas. My greatest wish is that my music fills your heart with happiness, love, and peace this holiday season, and inspires you to spread the Christmas cheer to everyone around you.


Picture this: It’s December 1989, and I’m jetting off to Bali for the first time ever. Back in my school days, I scored a gig as an in-house operator for Garuda Orient Holidays, the Los Angeles offshoot of Garuda Indonesia Airlines. My first mission? Check out the local hotels. Next thing I know, I’m crafting dreamy Bali vacation packages for American travelers. Talk about love at first sight—Bali had me hooked instantly.


Fast forward to when my producer, Jesse Lantang, hit me up with an exciting proposition: collaborate on a song originally titled “Please, Come to Bali.” I was over the moon! With Jesse’s lyrical ideas, I spent two creative weeks crafting the perfect melody. Bali is an island that truly speaks to my soul.


This tune is one of a kind. I put pen to paper after concluding that I am worthless apart from God. Because He is in me, and I am in Him, I can go about my day secure in the knowledge that no harm can come to me.

To me, it’s not enough to simply believe in something. I have faith in the true and living God, who loves me no matter what. Jesus Christ is his name.

This song was inspired by my personal conviction that God has shown me how to live the life He has given me. Nothing in my life happened by chance.


All we need everyday is LOVE. LOVE that surpasses all human understanding and ability to comprehend. 

In 1991, Michael Sembello, Sunnie Paxson, and I collaborated on a song called DEWI. A musical portrait of the Indonesia I left in 1979 in search of a better life, greater independence, and, yes, a more rigorous academic experience.