The Begining Of The End

"The Beginning of The End" is the first album produced by Hidden Treasures Records for Atis & The Tradewind. Productions started on January of 2013 and finalized two years latter.

The production of "The Beginning of The End" album participated by talented and respected musicians; they are:

Joshua Risakotta -Drummer on "Sanctuary"

Nino Luhukay - Lead guitar on "Please Come To Bali," single version

Ludwig Makasutji - Drummer on all songs except "Sanctuary" and "Dewi"

Vocalists are: Betania Latuharhary, Athina & Bianca Nelwan, Eva Munadi and Meivys Sahili

Eben Andreas - Lead guitar on all songs except "Please Come To Bali" single version and "Searching For Love".

Nadya Sella Belansky - Key fillers on "Please Come To Bali" and "Searching For Love".

Andy Atis himself is the composer, arranger and played keys and bass on all compositions, and as the lead vocalist.

Teguh Sapari - Recording Engineer

Ika "Mpox" Ratihpuspa - Mixing Engineer