New in 2020

New Release – Written and produced by Andy Eric Manuhutu in 2007 – CBN Studio – Recording Engineer Urat Situmorang

WIll be available in iTune and Spotify – 2 April 2020


This song was written in 2007 by Andy Atis and David Mageropoulos, his Australian friend  who used to live in Brazil. The lyrics are in English with a touch of Spanish words. “To Abres To-do” (God opens up everything). David and Andy agreed to release this recording the way it is, and raw, online; will be available on iTune and Spotify at the end of March (31) 20



Andy’s passion for the Island of Bali is beyond reproach. He previously  co-wrote a song about the Island called Please Come To Bali. 

So here is another composition telling the world how much in love Andy is with Bali, its people and culture. The Lyrics of the song were written together with his friend Gilda Sagrado from Bali.