Island Mood’s

A special song dedicated to the archipelago in the Southeast Maluku Regency Known as the Kei Islands.

in early October 2016, the head of the Regency, Mr. Anderias Rentanubun, asked Andy Atis to write a song describing one's feeling about Kei as his or her homeland. Inspired by the live and musicianship of Martin Ohoiner who is been living in Hawaii, USA.

Recorded at Mekel Music Studio - Pondok Indah, Jakarta * Recording Engineer: Kelana Poeroemah * Asst. Recording Engineer: Engkus * Drums - Joshua Risakotta * Bass - Kelana Poeroemah * All keys and acoustic guitar - Andy Atis * All vocals - Andy Atis>

Leaving in California for almost 20 years made Atis see Ambon in a different perspective. To him Ambon is a city that is long forgotten by the central government and indirectly by its own local leaders. Not wanting to get too political, he than pushed from the inside to write a song that portrays his view of Ambon; and a bit comparing it to the California, which he considers as his home state.

Early in the productions of "The Beginning of The End" album, Jesse asked Atis to co write a song with him; basic concept is about a couple falling in love on the Island of Bali and wanting to meet again the next summer time. Jesse wrote the initial ideas on the lyrics, and Andy made several adjustment and then wrote the melody for the song and composed and also music arrangement of the song.

It was the first song rushed to be done and put up as a single on iTune on the 23rd of November 2013; the name of the song is "Please, Come To Bali."